Course Description

The Peaceful Parenting Challenge has parents look inward to identify personal triggers and develop ways to create mindfulness, ways to avoid boiling over and ways to increase positive thoughts. Parents will gain valuable tools for becoming calmer, happier and less reactive.

Each day participants will have access to a reading or video to learn about Peaceful Parenting. You will learn important new tools and skills each day and then complete exercises that will help you integrate the learning into your life.

How it Works

Over the 30 day challenge you'll be guided through subtle shifts that will help you create radical changes in your family life. You'll have the opportunity to reprogram your thoughts, create new daily practices and heal past hurts. Each of the 30 days you'll be provided with information, an affirmation and an exercise to help you transform your family life. These small consistent changes will have a big impact on you personally and your family life. I've outlined each of modules in a similar way providing you with daily challenges that are fun and achievable. I've outlined them in this way to create repetition in your daily routine and your mind. Each day builds on the last, layering exercises in a way that helps you bring new skills into your life and strengthen your mental muscles. I'll guide you each step of the way to keep things uncomplicated and help you stay on track.

You'll be added to a closed Facebook group where you'll find;

  • a community of like minded parents
  • expert support, to answer your questions
  • daily inspirational quotes
  • daily topics of discussion

Because this is a web based challenge you can join from any where in the world. And access the modules on your own time, when it's convenient for you. You will also have access to the instructor and be able to ask questions as they come up.

Consider how becoming a more peaceful parent can impact your life and your children's lives.


What other parents had to say about past challenges:

'I found that the practices were totally applicable to everyone else, not just my older then toddler children. it has helped me become a more calm person, and my voice doesn't have to be loud to be heard any longer. makes for a less stressful life when dealing with adults. I no longer own their reactions. pretty fun actually to watch grown adults trying to push the same buttons they were able to push a few months ago with no success. and I will say that my relationship with my husband has improved dramatically. he's even "stealing" some of my tricks!!!" Kimberly

“these practices are affecting every area of my life and I love it!" Katherine

“I am so glad that I am a part of this, I have always thought of myself as being a pretty relaxed modern thinking momma. These exercises have taught me so much not only about me and my daughters but to be quite honest I have been applying all the weeks challenges to my ex ( If you have one you are laughing right now and if you don't you are most likley thinking I need to try this on my hubby) I can tell you that we have a pretty toxic up and down relationship and these last few weeks have been from my side anyway so much less stressfull for me:)" Tammy

Who is running the challenge?

My name is Sarah Joseph. I'm the mother of two, wife and mompreneur. In 2009, I founded Prenatal to Parenting. With a focus on mindfulness, I help parents create a conscious journey into parenthood. I am a Certified Gottman Educator, a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and am in the process of completing my Master of Social Work degree. I have been working with families in a variety of settings for the past nine years, including facilitating couple's workshops, parent support groups and developing and delivering parent education workshops.

My workshops have proven very popular in the community, often selling out. Feedback from participants suggests they have been successful in providing parents with new skills to improve their everyday lives. Many of my students have attended more than one of my workshops and continue to follow and support my journey online. Last summer, more than 350 parents took part in my online Peaceful Parenting Challenge. The popularity of my workshops has put me in high demand as a guest speaker at local parenting events and groups.

I'm the author of the eBook Peaceful Parenting; 7 Strategies for Creating More Peace in Your Family, and the forthcoming book Peaceful Parents By Design; A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Creating Radical Changes in Your Family. My articles have been featured online in publications like Natural Parent's Network, Vancouver Mom, Modern Mama, Kid's Vancouver, and The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms.

MSW, RSW, Positive Discipline Trainer Candidate & doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Sarah Joseph

Hi, I'm Sarah Joseph.I am a Certified Gottman Educator, a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and have a Masters in Social Work. In addition, I have completed training in the Circle of Security Parenting Program, Emotional Focused Couples Therapy and Play Therapy. I work with families to help them create deeper connections and become their very best selves, so everyone in the family can thrive.I have been working with families in a variety of settings for the past eleven years, including facilitating parent support groups, developing and delivering parent education workshops, as a family counsellor and a children's counsellor. My articles have been featured online in publications like Natural Parent’s Network, Vancouver Mom, Modern Mama, Kid’s Vancouver, and The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms. In 2014, I published a short eBook Peaceful Parenting; 7 Strategies for Creating More Peace in Your Family.

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